Getting your Vitamin Sea!

How many times have you uttered the words ‘Ugh, I could do with a holiday!’ Taking a well -deserved break brings a whole host of physical and mental health benefits that last long after the bags have been unpacked and the cases put back in the loft! At North Devon Changeovers, we are all about […]


Most people dream of owning a second home. Whether it’s having a ‘bolt hole’ or something more substantial, an additional ‘passive’ income gained through property is an attractive option for many. If you live in the big smoke, we are sure the idea of an escape to a peaceful coastal retreat would be pure bliss. Shunning risky investments, a lot of savvy investors are also seeing the benefits the […]

HO HO HO Holiday home makeover time!

As this rather busy and wonderful season progresses to the conclusion of 2019, it is very often the time of year when we reflect over the past 12 months as the end of the old and the start of the new. As a holiday home owner, our thoughts also turn maybe to our investment and […]

Welcome to our NEW properties

  Two further properties have joined our North Devon Changeovers family this week! It was a pleasure putting the sparkle back into Greenhills Bungalow and the Cowshed.  Our team certainly worked their magic.  The challenge was really rewarding we’ve shown what we do best and the owners were thrilled!   

The WOW factor

    This is a phrase I seem to use A LOT  and have used it to describe a few properties I have had the pleasure to visit this week. I have discovered that I have got myself a reputation…….. for being a 5 STAR SERVICE. As you can imagine when a professional organisation recognizes […]

Crooked Lake – Welcome Baskets

Well,  this is my 1st ever blog…… so lets see how it goes!  I think everyone reacts uniquely,  when it comes to getting compliments about what we achieve, and when someone takes the time to comment about something you have done well, it takes a little bit of gloating to want to share it with […]