Crooked Lake – Welcome Baskets

Well,  this is my 1st ever blog…… so lets see how it goes!  I think everyone reacts uniquely,  when it comes to getting compliments about what we achieve, and when someone takes the time to comment about something you have done well, it takes a little bit of gloating to want to share it with you all. When I put together a Welcome pack for my guests, I would like to think I take the time to make it unique for them, and that it gives the guest a little wow factor.  Fresh baked goods are always the way to go for me, they fill the room with a welcoming smell, and presented in a glass stand on the kitchen table, who wouldn’t want to just dive in and put together their own cream tea, after a long journey, I bet people don’t even question is it ‘Jam first or cream’ the Devon or the Cornish Way? I also like to add some

Crooked Lake Cottage
Scones and Croissants

croissants to, and a fresh loaf of Tiger Bread.  In the basket is coffee pods, biscuits and some sweeties to get the holiday started the right way,  So when we went to Crooked Lake cottage this morning, to see a testimonial that says we do this well, I do like to gloat about, so here it is ………my 1st blog finished 

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