Getting your Vitamin Sea!

How many times have you uttered the words ‘Ugh, I could do with a holiday!’ Taking a well -deserved break brings a whole host of physical and mental health benefits that last long after the bags have been unpacked and the cases put back in the loft!

At North Devon Changeovers, we are all about creating the perfect break. All our properties are equipped with everything you will need for a stress free and wholly enjoyable escape by the sea. 

In a nutshell, holidays contribute to overall psychological wellness and there are numerous health benefits of taking a holiday.  With the average holiday time typically being 20 days per year, we need to be aware of just how we can get the greatest health benefits from this short and sweet holiday time and how to avoid needing a holiday to recover from your holiday!

A holiday should reduce your stress levels! Your boss will thank you for it. Productivity and creativity will soar on your return, well hopefully! We don’t live to work, we work to live. Workplace stress is a major factor in everyday life.  Holidays provide a huge mood booster, even the pre- holiday countdown has been shown can have as much of a positive impact as the actual trip! Unless you have been to North Devon that is! Lol!

Taking some time out to realign your emotional stability is vital to a zen like life! All those frustrations that made you want to scream will start to melt away! We all adhere to routines to get through our busy daily lives. Taking time out to switch off and relax rarely happens at home especially when you have kids or animals, a garden or a demanding partner.  Taking yourself away from these situations where the list of endless ‘jobs’ become nil can’t fail to help ……

Strengthen those family relationships.  All too often, that pesky work life balance equation is quoted and for many families, this really does have a major impact.  With sometimes only weekends to spend that precious time with loved ones and little ones, holidays can help to regain those bonds and make those memories that you will recall for many years to come.

Physical improvements!  Ok, there may be nothing like your own bed but at North Devon Changeovers holiday properties, we have the most comfy, sleep inducing beds and linens to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.  Sleep quality has a huge impact on mood.  Getting enough of the zzzz’s can also promote lower blood pressure and improvements in your overall general health.  Research has proved that this stays with you even 2 weeks after a holiday! With such stunning countryside and coastline on our doorstep, get out and walk the coastpath.  Embark on a 10 mile hike taking in that fresh, clean sea air and beautiful views and I promise you will be sleeping like a Disney princess!

All these incredible feel good factors all wrapped up in one package! Do I need to convince you further to book?!

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